Adam De Sola Pool

We are happy to announce Adam De Sola Pool as our main speaker for our Green Innovation Conference taking place in London, 2020.

Adam brings over 20 years of experience as an early-stage venture capitalist in European environmental, cleantech and renewable energy. He is the owner and CEO of Environmental Investment Partners, Central Europe’s first cleantech and renewable energy venture capital firm. His past projects include what was once Europe’s largest wind farm (Continental Wind Partners LLC), Hungary’s first post-communist private wastewater treatment company (Organica Technologies) and Romania’s first private gas to the home company (GazVest RO). His enormous work in Central Europe earned him the Pioneer Prize from the Cleantech Investment Forum.

Based in Cambridge, Mass.,  USA, Adam is a recognized Angel Investor in the Clean Energy Venture Group, Launchpad Ventures and MIT Medical Angels among others. He also sits on the advisory boards of companies and institutions like Drop-Wise (a Nano coatings company), QSM (a Nano healthcare diagnostics company), and OffGridBox (a PV based potable water supply company serving Africa). He maintains strong relations with his native MIT, acting as a mentor there and at Northeastern University as well as a judge for competitions such as Techstars, CleanTech Open, and MassChallenge.  

Adam aims to inculcate a commitment to a triple bottom line (people, planet and profits) into all his energy and environmental infrastructure projects. His career has involved working with young companies around the world, particularly in Boston, Poland, Portugal, Argentina, and Myanmar.

Alessandra Sollberger

We are happy to announce Alessandra Sollberger as one of our keynote speakers at the Green Innovation Conference taking place in London, 2020.

Alessandra is a multi-lingual, multi-talented entrepreneur and investor. Born in Switzerland, educated in Oxford and Harvard she boasts 6 languages among her top skills. She first dipped her toes in the business waters at the tender age of 11 and has been at the forefront of developments in the blockchain and biotech industries ever since graduating from the University of Oxford in 2012. 

She spent the first years of her career in product development at numerous early-stage startups before making a move to the corporate world, working in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, private equity at Blackstone and venture capital at Mosiac Ventures. In 2016 Alessandra founded her own company, Evermore Health, a functional nutrition brand based around the intersection of science and nature that leverages personalization and transparency of the supply chain. In addition, she is a regular mentor at Seedcamp, an active member of the Oxford advisory board and an advocate in the non-profit sector, where she created an organization that teaches IT and programming skills to children in disadvantaged areas. 


All the green technologies involved in our Growth Sprint Programme are the explorers of tomorrow and the pioneers of today, who are already shaping impact innovation that can turn the future into a greener tomorrow. They are determined change-makers that have been carefully selected with proven traction, high scalability potential, and solid readiness to deploy their transformative solutions on the world stage.



The attendee landscape consists of:

  • 15+ LP's
  • 30+ VC's
  • 20+ Private Equity Funds
  • 8 Impact startups on stage
  • 100+ service providers
  • 90+ entrepreneurs

…and many more.

*This event is not organized or endorsed by the Royal Society

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